My Old Story with a Web Designer in Kenya

The experience of designing, developing and hosting websites in Kenya is terrible and needs to be fixed.

I once assigned an independent developer to build a website for a friend whom we had only met on Facebook. It took 2-3 weeks, a lot of back and forth emails between the client, myself and the developer, and after the site was complete, the client was not remotely satisfied by the outcome. After a month of running the site ‘live’, I received an email, then a call from my client that the website had mysteriously disappeared. When I asked the developer what had happened, he said that it must be the fault of the company that was hosting the site. The client was blaming me, I was blaming the developer, the developer was blaming the host and the hosting company was blaming the developer. It was a zero-sum game. Everyone had lost something;  either time, money, energy, reputation or relationship. My friendship with my client was irreparably damaged.

This horrible and similar experiences can be narrated over and over again by thousands, if not millions of people in Kenya who have suffered in the hands of web designers and companies that do a terrible job for their clients.

These are the problems that Digital Agencies need to fix

  1. Poor customer experience
  2. Not working with professionals
  3. Not setting the bar high.

I strongly believe it’s time we raised the standards of web development and providing of hosting services in Kenya. Digital agencies, web developers/ designers, web hosting companies must rise to the occasion and do what they are paid to do, which is; to deliver professional work that will stand out and leave the client happy.  To fix these problems, we need to manage our clients better. And more importantly, we need to hire and work with talented web designers who are committed and know their work.  I’m ready. Our Agency is ready.  Check out website’s built by Digital 4 Africa. 

By Francis Waithaka, Passionate about empowering marketers, sales professionals & content creators. Leader and Trainer at @digital4africa



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