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Do you need some guidance on the direction you need to take as a business? Is there an item or department in your business you’re struggling with? Are your sales not performing limiting your growth? Do you need guidance with your marketing? Let’s have a candid conversation about any of your challenges in business. Reach out today.

Our Specialities

Overall Business Strategies

Do you need guidance with your strategy? Let’s guide your approach

Growth Hacking & Business Development

Does your business need some guidance on the right way to scale? Talk to us.

Online Branding and PR

Perception can make your break your business in this time and age. Let’s guide you on how to do it right.

Business Automation and Tools

Among the best ways to improve your customer experience is through automation using digital tools.

Website and Mobile Apps CRO

Get some UX professional guidance on how you can improve the experience of your digital product.

PR, Marketing & Sales Strategies

The success of your business can purely be determined by your approach. Let’s talk.

Creating Business Systems & Processes

How do you create consistency in how you deliver your services? How can you measure and track your growth? Talk to us.

Interpreting Data

Most organizations have lots of data but don’t know how to make sense of it. We’re here to help.

“To get Game-Changing results, start focusing on Game-Changing thoughts.”

What Sets Us Apart?


Eight years of experience in developing data-driven sales and marketing strategies.


A team of technical experts with a diverse set of skills: UX Design, Web Design, Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing Strategy.


We first identify the goals of the project, and use daily tasks to ensure we complete them on time.

We focus on offering solutions, not services
We rely on data to make critical decisions

Seeking to enter the Kenyan market?

Every market around the world has its own DNA. We understand the Kenyan market—its people, languages and behaviours.

Why did Safaricom fail in South Africa but excel in Kenya? Why is Carrefour among the largest supermarket chains in Kenya despite being fairly young in the market? And why wasn’t Shoprite able to duplicate the same success? Why do some apps fail and some succeed? Your strategy and approach into a new market matters. Let’s help you get it right.

Our Consultation Plans

Sessions can be done online via video conference or face to face at our Westlands office in Nairobi

[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design06″ color_scheme=”blue” package_heading=”Single Consultation Session” package_sub_heading=”For Companies and Professionals” package_price=”10,000/=” package_unit=”per hour” package_btn_text=”Book Now” package_link=”url:%23cta”]A single one on one session done virtually or face to face[/ultimate_pricing]
[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design06″ color_scheme=”blue” package_heading=”3-Month Consultation” package_sub_heading=”For Companies and Professionals” package_price=”100,000/=” package_unit=”total” package_btn_text=”Book Now” package_link=”url:%23cta”]Includes ten sessions in three months plus mentorship.[/ultimate_pricing]
[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design06″ color_scheme=”blue” package_heading=”Retained Consultation Services” package_sub_heading=”Always available for you” package_price=”40,000/=” package_unit=”per month” package_btn_text=”Book Now” package_link=”url:%23cta”]Paid on a month-to-month basis for as long as you need.[/ultimate_pricing]
[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design06″ color_scheme=”blue” package_heading=”Corporate Consultation” package_sub_heading=”For discussion panels” package_price=”50,000/=” package_unit=”per hour” package_btn_text=”Book Now” package_link=”url:%23cta”]A discussion panel with several individuals from your company.[/ultimate_pricing]

Our Approach

Guided and step by step with performance indicators and tracking along the way

Before we embark on offering possible solutions we take our time to understand your challenges. Diagnosis helps us know what solution best fits what problem. For instance when a client comes to us and says they need help with finding users for their app, among the first questions we may ask is; How does the app look like? What can the app do? Who is the app targeting? At the end of the day, we discover that the conversation on growth needs to start with improving the app. Maybe it’s a redesign that’s necessary or some few tweaks to improve on some features. After addressing those matters growth hacking would make more sense. We take a birds-eye view of the entire challenge to offer the best possible solutions.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Consultation Case Study: Jays Wines

How can you emerge victorious in a business saturated with competitors?

The liquor business in Kenya is among the most saturated with multiple liquor merchants distributed around the country. If you add bars and hotels to the list the options for customers even become bigger. You can’t walk more than 200 meters in some Nairobi estates without seeing a Wines and Spirits shop. How can you differentiate yourself in a market filled with homogenous products and multiple merchants?

After some diagnosis, we provided growth-hacking solutions to Jays Wines that not only looked into sales and marketing strategies but also incorporated operational and technology recommendations. Jays Wines consults with Digital 4 Africa on a monthly retainer basis.

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We don’t claim to know everything nor do we know everything. We are masters of eliciting information from you to find the solutions you need for we believe you know your business way better than we could ever do. This combined with our experience in handling multiple businesses across East Africa puts us at an advantage in helping your business.

Please expect communication within one business hour. Our business hours are between Monday and Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are closed on weekends and holidays.

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