Sample Web Design Projects in Kenya

Web Design Projects

We have the experience in designing websites for banks, NGO, consultancy firms, retail shops, e-commerce businesses and many more. Regardless of the size of your company, we can be your technology partner.

Website Design & Development ( Manufacturing )

HACO Industries

HACO Industries is well known for creating a number of household products for the Kenyan and East African market. Their brands are; PalmersMiadiAmaraSoSoftSparkleAce and Ashanti Q. Digital 4 Africa was tasked to make a website for each brand starting with the primary HACO website.

  • Contetnt publishing website with data visualization
  • Optimized for speed and search

Website Design & Development ( NGO )

Kenya Markets Trust

KMT is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving market systems in Kenya. KMT had a wealth of information that could benefit farmers, agro-vets and other interested stakeholders. Digital 4 Africa developed a website that helps them showcase and distribute their content better.

  • Contetnt publishing website with data visualization
  • Optimized for speed and search

Website Design & Development ( NGO )

Cross Stitch International

An established Non-Governmental Organizations that didn’t have online presence before. We worked on a modern website, image editing for their products and established a store with local and international payment integrations i.e. MPESA, Airtel Money, Credit Card payments e.t.c

  • eCommerce website based on WooCommerce
  • Payment Integration

Website Design & Development ( SME )

Apple Center Ke

Apple is renown for world class design. With their brand guidelines, we were able to build a world class website for the Kenyan market. They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This project brought that saying to life.

  • eCommerce website based on WooCommerce
  • Focus on simple design and mobile optimization

Website Design & Development ( E-Commerce )

Jays Wines

Jays Wines is among the largest distributors of alcoholic drinks in Kenya. Online sales were growing and it was necessary to create a better experience for their online customers on the website. Digital 4 Africa built an e-commerce website that helps customers interact with the products and make purchases online.

  • eCommerce website based on WooCommerce
  • Payment Integration and Logistics

Website Design & Development ( SME )

Premier Training Services

PTS is a company that offers a number of consultancy services based in Nairobi, Kenya. For such a project, the major question we ask ourselves is; how can we be as inforative as possible to the visitor? The visitor should immediately know that PTS has a solution for them.

  • Content creation based on Keywords
  • Offer utility value for PTS customers(e.g online registration)

Website Design & Development ( Agency )

Silver RayHR

Silver RayHR is among the largest firms in Kenya that offer HR consultancy services. We build a fully funtional job application website to aid in the recruiment process at the firm. We also conducted training for the sales team on how to target the recruiters more than job seekers.

  • Job seekers website i.e. search query
  • Modern look & feel plus AJAX forms

Website Design & Development ( Fashion )

House of Thairu

House of Thairu provides services like trend forecasting, colour forecasting, coming up with design concepts and bespoke tailoring. House of Thairu also offers styling services and a platform to buy prints and patterns that will create a lasting Impression

  • Minimal web design
  • Modern look & feel

Website Design & Development ( IT Firm )

TBM Limited

TBM provides the best of breed technological solutions through partnering with leading international technology brands to enable businesses adaption and utilization of IT.

  • Minimal web design
  • Modern Look and Feel

Website Design & Development ( Education Institute )

ADMI Kenya

ADMI is a leading creative media and technology training institution, offering practical courses in Film & TV Production, Journalism & Multimedia, Mobile App & Game Development, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Animation & Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia and Digital Marketing.

  • Modern look & feel

Website Design & Development ( Public Figure )

Mucha Mlingo

Mucha Mlingo is a Certified Six Seconds EQ Practitioner & An Award Winning International Keynote Speaker With focus on utilising EQ tools to drive organisation performance through training, writing, coaching, & public speaking.

  • Modern look & feel

Website Design & Development ( eCommerce )

Loving My Curves

Mycurves is “Kenya’s original” bra fit styling boutique that is passionate about women wearing the right size underwear. It’s all about fabulous foundations by wearing perfectly fitting, comfortable, supportive, fashionable, quality bras that you’ll love, in bra styles that suit your body type and your lifestyle.

  • Modern look & feel

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