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Our expereince has exposed us to companies of different sizes from different industries and serving different countries.

The true test of a company is what their clients say about them. Read how we’ve helped different companies from different industries grow their companies and improve their experiences.

Case Studies

Examples of how our work has made an impact in multiple industries


HACO Industries wanted to drive awareness and increase sales for Palmer’s products in Kenya. The client is the sole licensed distributor of Palmer’s in Kenya.

The Solution

Using social media influencers, media buying and user generated content, Digital For Africa ran the campaign on Instagram and Facebook using the hash tag: #ChooseWhatsReal

The Impact

Increase in conversations through user generated content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More brand awareness and demand for Palmer’s products in Kenya.

Our Approach

The Power of data analytics. Seeking to solve a problem rather than offer a service. Taking time to understand customer needs.

To understand why your business is not exploiting the potential in your data, we take an auditing approach to get deeper insights into your data management processes. We focus on the people, the process, the tools to ensure your business makes profits.

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