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Naivas Supermarket

Industry: Retail

Naivas Supermarket is the largest supermarket chain in Kenya with close to 100 stores countrywide. Digital 4 Africa was tasked to build a corporate website for the retailer. Digital 4 Africa also consults for Naivas for their E-commerce website and digital user experience needs.

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Nation Media Group Digital Summit

Industry: Media & Journalism

Nation Media Group is a household name in journalism in Africa. They own one of the most popular and widely circulated newspapers not just in Kenya but in Africa. They also host a variety of events throughout Africa. Digital 4 Africa was tasked to build a website for their latest Digital Summit held in Mombasa. Other than web development, Digital 4 Africa has also conducted several trainings for Nation Media Group.

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Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

Industry: Government Bureau

KNBS is mandated to collect, compile analyse, publish and disseminate official statistics for public use. Digital 4 Africa was tasked with stabilising the current KNBS website and building a subsite for the KNBS hackathon.

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ALN Academy | Wed Design And Development Services In Nairobi Kenya

ALN Academy

Industry: Legal Services

The ALN Academy is a charity established to promote the Rule of Law in Africa by providing capacity building for government lawyers and quality legal training for private practitioners and students. Digital 4 Africa was tasked to build a corporate website for the legal service provider.

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Adrian Kenya

Industry: Energy, IT & Telcom

Adrian Kenya is the market leader in Eastern Africa for Telcom infrastructure, power infrastructure, and IT infrastructure solutions. They serve companies such as Safaricom, Kengen and Kenya Power. Digital 4 Africa was tasked to build a website that communicated their various service offerings and at the same time bring out their positioning and uniqueness in the market.

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Zettu Unified Martial Arts [ZUMA]

Industry: Sports Industry

Zettu Unified Martial Arts is among the top martial arts training organisations in Kenya. They teach Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, self-defence and much more. The website is now the main source of leads and conversions thanks to Digital 4 Africa’s SEO and copywriting capabilities.

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Bamm Tours, Travel & Car Hire

Industry: Transport Industry

Bamm Tours boasts the widest coverage in Kenya of car and bus rental services. Digital 4 Africa was mandated to make a website that positioned the business above all its peers as it happens offline. The outcome of our work; and improved online image, better customer experience and eventually more  sales.

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Africa Legal Network

Industry: Legal Services

ALN is among the largest law firm not just in Kenya but in Africa. Their footprint spans across multiple African nations serving clients from all over the world. Digital 4 Africa was identified as a suitable partner for web development and website management.

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Jays Wines Distributors Limited

Industry: E-Commerce & Retail (Beverages)

Jays Wines is among the largest distributors of alcoholic drinks in Kenya. Online sales were growing and it was necessary to create a better experience for their online customers on the website. Digital 4 Africa built an e-commerce website that helps customers interact with the products and make purchases online.

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Ankh Women's Clinic

Industry: Health Services

Ankh Women’s Clinic is a clinic located in Nairobi and Naivasha that offers gynecologist and obstetrician consultation services for Women. Digital 4 Africa was tasked to build a website than would not only market their services but also elevate their brand and enhance their customer experience.

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Apple Center Ke

Industry: Consumer Goods (Apple Reseller)

Apple is renown for world class design. With their brand guidelines, we were able to build a world class website for the Kenyan market. They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This project brought that saying to life.

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Jeyflex Limited

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

When your customer can are located in other continents, the only way to reach them is via the internet. Jeyflex limited needed a website that was not only findable but also beautiful. We built their website and structured their services to be findable via search engines and easy to navigate.

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Silver RayHR

Industry: Consultancy (Professional Service)

Silver RayHR is among the largest firms in Kenya that offer HR consultancy services. We build a fully functional job application website to aid in the recruitment process at the firm. We also conducted training for the sales team on how to target the recruiters more than job seekers.

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Loving My Curves

Industry: Retail (Fashion)

E-commerce is constantly growing not only in Kenya but throughout the world. My Curves Kenya needed to take advantage of the internet and they tasked us to build a website that matches the standards and experience they had set at their stores.

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INtel College

Industry: Higher Education

INtel College needed a website that communicated their unique value proposition. They are an accredited college offering UK degrees right here in Nairobi for a fraction of the price. We build the website and offered support for several months. We also conducted training for the internal team to manage simple changes internally.

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Indigo Co-work Space

Industry: Real Estate

Indigo is among Naiorib’s top co-working spaces with fine architecture and interior design that boosts its customer experience. Digital 4 Africa was tasked with building a website that reflected indigo’s vision. A simple but beautiful space for creatives and technology companies in Kenya.

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Industry: Higher Education

ADMI is a leading creative media and technology training institution, offering practical courses in Film & TV Production, Journalism & Multimedia, Mobile App & Game Development, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Animation & Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia and Digital Marketing.

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House of Thairu

Industry: Fashion

House of Thairu provides services like trend forecasting, colour forecasting, coming up with design concepts and bespoke tailoring. House of Thairu also offers styling services and a platform to buy prints and patterns that will create a lasting Impression.

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Mucha Mlingo

Industry: Training & Coaching

Mucha Mlingo is a Certified Six Seconds EQ Practitioner & An Award Winning International Keynote Speaker With focus on utilising EQ tools to drive organisation performance through training, writing, coaching, & public speaking.

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PTS Africa

Industry: Training & Coaching

PTS is a company that offers a number of consultancy services based in Nairobi, Kenya. For such a project, the major question we ask ourselves is; how can we be as inforative as possible to the visitor? The visitor should immediately know that PTS has a solution for them.

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