What We’re Best At

Who are we?

We are a team of skilled UX designers, software engineers, data scientists and content writers with years of experience in digital marketing

Our Values

We believe:


We are a different kind of agency that is obsessed with customer satisfaction


We believe that data is the lifeblood of any business for information gathering


We love making things simple and easy to use. We believe all products should be user-friendly


We believe creating relevant content and designing with empathy and data brings success.

The Opportunity.

40% of all company data is inaccurate, by using a CRM and Data Analytics software, we are able to track leads in the sales funnel and utilize data to model best customers and identify best audience segments.
The growth of digital media provides companies with platforms to interact with current and prospective customers and to grow their business online.
The marketing function is increasingly being measured on business outcomes instead of marketing metrics such as likes.
Mining customer data will help create personalized experiences and maximize on sales.


To be Africa’s leading data-driven digital agency that delivers results


On a mission to help companies use data-driven marketing to personalize customer experiences

Why we standout

User-Centered-design: We deploy user centered design and collect data to design experiences that are easy to use and meet customer needs = personalized experience

Insight-driven sales process

  • CRM at the core of our operations- Simplify sales process
  • Track leads / performance in a dashboard, ROI reports
  • Efficiency

Team: Skilled designers, engineers, data scientists, content writers
Simplicity to make things easy to use