About Digital 4 Africa

We exist to help companies sell more products and services on digital channels

Digital For Africa is the only web and marketing agency in Kenya that is committed to providing value-based services.

We provide the following services:

Training & Capacity Building

Capacity building and digital marketing training for sales and marketing professionals

Sales & Marketing Strategy Consultation:

Development and implementation of sales, marketing, and eCommerce strategies.

Systems & Processes Development

Marketing & Sales Automation using CRMs and ERPs like Hubspot and Odoo.

UX Research & Design

UX research and design for digital products in finance and technology (Fintech).

Web Design and Development

Corporate web design and development

Our Drive

It's not about offering services but providing solutions


We are a different kind of agency that is obsessed with customer satisfaction


We love making things simple and easy to use. We believe all products should be easy to use


We believe that data is the lifeblood of any business for information gathering


Simply, we get it done. No excuses, no time wasting. We work to support your bottom line.

Our Mantra

Great Design, Great Content!


Design is about your needs, not visuals. Design to us is not just how it looks but how it functions.


We believe creating relevant content and designing with empathy and data brings success

Our Values

Work hard and work smart


We give our all in everything we do. We always show care and conscientiousness while serving you.


We only pick up projects that we believe in and where we know we can make a difference.

The Importance of a Data-driven Strategy

All customer touchpoints give you the opportunity to collect and analyse your customer experience

Every day, you interact with customers on various channels; website, SMS, accounting software, CRM, Email, social media or office productivity tools. These tools collect lots of data which when analysed can unlock opportunities by making the life of the customer better and grow your sales.

What are the benefits of making business decisions based on insights instead of a gut feeling? At Digital4Africa we’ve been offering companies data analytics strategies and the results have been impressive

Increased sales by helping you target the right customers who are likely to buy. Your marketing budget is used efficiently
Employee Experience
An efficient sales process improves the employee experience such that they are able to be more productive.
Customer Experience
It improves the customer experience by removing friction in all customer touchpoints.
Forecasting & Planning
By analysing transactional and behavioural data, you can get sales forecasts and plan better
Data analytics helps create products and services that address unmet customer needs.
Better customer experience drives customer retention


To be Africa’s leading data-driven digital agency that delivers results


On a mission to help companies use data-driven marketing to personalize customer experience

Why we are different


We believe customers want faster execution


Our team has a wealth of experience serving non-profits, banks, technology companies and retail brands


We believe the process is the innovation. We use technology tools to solve problems and bring efficiency.

Focus Areas

UX Design, Web Design, Training, Data Analytics, CRMs.

Why Work with Digital 4 Africa?

We focus on offering solutions, not services

We have designed solutions for over 100 companies in East Africa in the following sectors: Financial services, Retail, Media Publishers and Technology among others, We understand how technology, business processes and human capital can be harnessed for business success.

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