What we are known for

Who are we?

We are a team of skilled UX designers, software engineers, data scientists and content writers with years of experience in digital marketing

Our Values

We believe:


We are a different kind of agency that is obsessed with customer satisfaction


We believe that data is the lifeblood of any business for information gathering


We love making things simple and easy to use. We believe all products should be user-friendly


We believe creating relevant content and designing with empathy and data brings success.

The Benefits of Data Analytics in Marketing

Every day, you interact with customers on various channels; website, SMS, accounting software, CRM, Email, social media or office productivity tools. These tools collect lots of data which when analysed can unlock opportunities by making the life of the customer better and grow your sales.

What are the benefits of making business decisions based on insights instead of a gut feeling?

1) Innovation: Data analytics helps create products and services that address unmet customer needs.

2) It improves the customer experience by removing friction in all customer touchpoints.

3) Increased sales by helping you target the right customers who are likely to buy. Your marketing budget is used efficiently

4) Loyalty: Better customer experience drives customer retention

5) Forecasting and Planning. By analysing transactional and behavioural data, you can get sales forecasts and plan better

6) An efficient sales process improves the employee experience such that they are able to be more productive.

At Digital4Africa we’ve been offering companies data analytics strategies and the results have been impressive


To be Africa’s leading data-driven digital agency that delivers results


On a mission to help companies use data-driven marketing to personalize customer experiences

Why we standout

Digital For Africa is a digital marketing agency in Kenya focused on building websites and mobile applications that work. We train and mentor marketers, web developers, sales agents and brand managers on how to increase conversions and drive more sales

The services we provide
Digital Marketing Training
Training on Digital PR
Website development
Mobile App Development
Media Buying & Planning
Search Engine Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Data Analytics
Content Marketing
Conversational Marketing