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D4A offers the best web design and data analytics services in Nairobi. In the last decade of our existence, we’ve built some of the top websites in Kenya and Africa for brands such as; Nation Media Group, Naivas, Adrian Group, and Anjarwalla & Khanna (ALN). We have supported numerous companies with Data Analytics services. So far, over 10000+ companies in Kenya and Africa have benefited from our services. Digital 4 Africa is also known for the best digital marketing training in Kenya and sales/digital marketing support.

What sets our web design and data analytics services apart?


Over a decade of experience in web design and data analytics serving both large and small companies.


A team of technical experts with a diverse set of skills in : Web Design and Data Analytics, UX Design, Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing Strategy.


We first identify the goals of the project, and use daily tasks to ensure we complete them on time.

We focus on offering solutions, not services
We rely on data to make critical decisions

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Imagine Your Website Becoming A Business-Generating Machine

We are committed to designing a website that ranks top on search engines and becomes a source of new leads and conversions. Our approach involves web design and data analytics to create an engaging and user-friendly website that drives results. We shall train your team with web management skills to make changes whenever any time. Let’s talk about your website goals.

Top Websites in Kenya We've Built

Short & Punchy Digital Marketing Course With Free Mentorship

Get the latest digital skills to help your business thrive. We offer training for corporates, SMEs and individuals

Corporate Digital Marketing Training

This course is tailor-made to your company's needs. We dive deep into how your organization can take advantage of the digital space to enhance customer experience and grow your business.

Digital Marketing Masterclass

This is a short, punchy but practical, step-by-step learning experience in digital marketing, suitable for the busy working professional and entrepreneurs.

Online Digital Marketing Training

This is a short, punchy but practical, step-by-step learning experience in digital marketing, suitable for the busy working professional and entrepreneurs that offered virtually.

Our digital marketing and sales training short courses are among the top-rated in Nairobi by experts from various fields. Read our Google reviews and find out what people are saying.

Web Design Training By The Pros

Hands down the best WordPress web design course in Nairobi

Modern-day businesses can’t survive without a website that leverages web design and data analytics. Websites have morphed from just being online resources with contacts to being business-generating machines. A well-designed website that incorporates web design and data analytics can help a company distinguish itself. Being a good web designer proficient in web design and data analytics can also help you stand out in the marketplace. Today’s most successful companies have a well-functioning website that generates leads and sales, utilizing web design and data analytics. Let’s show you how to create such sites by mastering web design and data analytics.

Data Analytics Services

Get better insights, learn from trends and explore new frontiers with the best data analytics company in Kenya

In an era where information reigns supreme, Digital 4 Africa stands as a beacon for those seeking unparalleled insights through cutting-edge data analytics services and web design that leverages data analytics. Whether you’re a startup aiming to harness the power of predictive analytics or an established enterprise seeking to optimize operations, our comprehensive suite of services, including web design and data analytics, caters to diverse needs.

Case Studies

In Strategy, Tool Deployment & Web Design

Our business from time to time exposes us to unique problems that organizations face. For instance, one of our clients, Muthaiga Country Club wasn’t looking to attract new members. They were focused on making current members utilize the club’s facilities more. What strategy would fit such a scenario? In cases like these, our expertise in web design and data analytics can be invaluable.

Our approach has always looked at what your organization’s goals are before we embark on recommending a solution. For instance, when someone says they need a new website, their goal could be smoothening their e-commerce logistics with new technology. Such cases is where we bring our magic with web design and data analytics to create tailored solutions.

Naivas Supermarket: Naivas Supermarket is the largest supermarket chain in Kenya with over 100 stores countrywide. As part of their e-commerce strategy, Naivas sought to redesign its E-Commerce platform. Digital 4 Africa helped redesign the new e-commerce experience.

Nation Media Group: NMG consulted with Digital 4 Africa to offer several high-level trainings focused on strategy and growth.

Mwalimu SACCO: Digital 4 Africa offered high-level training to the Mwalimu SACCO board members. The trainings were specific to taking advantage of the enormous amount of data the organization had and what decisions the board can make to steer the organization in the right direction.

HACO Industries: Digital 4 Africa built a total of seven websites for all brands managed by HACO and conducted a 360 degrees campaign to introduce the Palmers brand to the Kenyan market.

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A constant question businesses ask themselves is how they can become better. In retrospect, this question could have multiple answers. But we could simplify the answer to two things: How can your customer experience be better and how can your employee experience be better? All answers will revolve around the customer or around internal company processes. Better sales and business growth are the results of answering these two questions. In our consultation sessions, we analyze what challenges your business has and we advise on possible solutions that can propel your business forward, leveraging our expertise in web design and data analytics.

How can an ERP or a CRM help your business?
What can you do to smoothen your operations?
How can you make your customer experience better?
What does your team need to perform better and grow your organisation?
How can you start making data informed decisions for your business?

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Our primary services are web design and data analytics with and emphasis on offering data-driven strategy development and execution for business growth. We also offer a multitude of training services in strategy, sales, operations, marketing and effective use of digital tools. View the full list of our services by clicking on the button.

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