2-Day Training & Free Mentorship on Digital Marketing In Nairobi Kenya

Practical, step-by-step learning experience. Suitable for the busy working professional and entrepreneurs

In business, strategy and approach is paramount for success and positive results. The goal of our class is to expand your thinking in digital marketing and expose you to new strategies that have been tried and tested by digital marketing experts around the world. Our expertise in entrepreneurship and understanding of the local context places us at an advantage to help you sharpen your digital marketing skills.

Who Is This Training For?

Practical, step-by-step learning experience. Suitable for the busy working professional and entrepreneurs

This course is suitable for those who have a firm belief that ‘time is money’ and want to save as much of it as possible. The busy professional and the entrepreneur who wants to gain digital marketing skills in the shortest time possible will greatly benefit from this masterclass. Our mentorship helps you ask questions as you practice the skills you learnt.


Why is our digital marketing training the best?

We're keen to understand your goals and with respect to digital marketing and we'll help you achieve them

The Digital 4 Africa digital marketing masterclass is practical and the course instructors will use a step-by-step approach to show you how to navigate the online space. After completing the 2-day training, you will get a certificate of participation from Digital For Africa LTD and a whole month of mentorship to help you implement and grasp better the concepts taught in our class.

The masterclass also exposes you to other like-minded businesses and individuals whom you can learn from.

We use numerous case studies and examples to help our participants grasp the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Why You Need This Training

The skills you learn give you the opportunity to enhance your customer experience and increase your sales

They say knowledge is power. Our digital marketing training gives you the power to succeed in the online space. Digital marketing skills such as technical SEOAdvanced Google Analytics, Social Media MarketingGrowth-Hacking and Media Buying are currently high on demand in the job market. Those who acquire these digital marketing skills can work as consultants, or get well-paying jobs in companies or advertising agencies. Likewise, business owners or executives who acquire these skills are able to steer their organizations in the right direction and know what to demand for from their digital marketing teams.

Course Details

Date: 6th – 7th October 2022 (2-day training + 30 days of Free Mentorship)
Time: 9 am – 4:00 pm
Location: 4th floor, Delta Corner Annex, Ring Rd Westlands Ln, Nairobi
Fees: Kshs 15,000 + VAT

You will leave this masterclass with the skills you need in the complex and ever-changing world of online marketing.

We created a program that’s as flexible as your schedule but rigorous enough to prove you have the knowledge needed to advance your digital marketing skills and implement the skills in your business.

Our certification covers in-demand topics like User Experience Design, Content Marketing, Conversational Marketing, Online Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization & SEO, Email Marketing and more.

What you will learn

The Digital Marketing Masterclass agenda follows a proven formula. One that has been highly rated by attendees all over the world.

Social Media Marketing & Strategy

In this session you’ll get a quick overview on how you can carry out your own digital marketing campaign following the Audit, Strategy, Execution and Impact Assessment steps. Additionally, you’ll cover Social Media Marketing i.e. Why social media is important to your business, hoe to create engagement and tools ( free and paid ) you can make use for social media management.

Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO )

What is Conversion Rate Conversion? Does it apply to your business and do you actually consider this? Do you have an app or website and seek to convert more leads or create more engagement? Studies have shown that the most effective way to create a lasting impact is through constantly optimizing your digital assets to improve your user experience. We’ll you’ll cover the importance of conversion rate optimization and how you can improve online conversions.

Digital Marketing Tools

A smart business is a business that leverages on tools. You get to understand your customers better, your business remains organized and all systems and processes run smoothly. However, most businesses are clueless of the number of tools out there they could use (both free and paid). In this course, you’ll learn a number of tools you can start using immediately. Since most businesses sell homogeneous goods, the best way to differentiate yourself is by offering an outstanding experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important in marketing? Here, you’ll learn he key to better SEO, what factors determine which site is ranked first on search engines, how to conduct SEO Audit and the best research tools ( free and paid) to use, how you can optimize your wesite for what your customers are looking for, relationship between user experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the difference between Onsite and Offsite SEO. A 2-hour thorough session.

Content Marketing

With content marketing, you’ll cover the why of content marketing, what is content marketing, basic of content audit, buyer’s journey, content calendar and the available tools ( free and paid ) for content marketing. This is an important session, because afterwards, you’ll be able to create and share your brand story to stimulate interest in your products and services.

Media Buying

Francis will cover the importance of effective media buying. A very interactive and practical session. The main topics to be covered here are, Channel Selection that is Omni Channel Approach and when to pull the plug, Strategy Optimization i.e. optimization triggers and optimization cycles and practical and effective budget allocation i.e. C AC /channel and Organic / Paid channels.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, when done right, is among the most productive ways of engaging with your audience. Learn the tools that simplify and automate the email marketing process. Any business or organization can take advantage of this opportunity. It’s no surprise that more than half of marketers say email is their most effective channel in generating revenue.

Making Sense Of Data (Google Analytics Included)

Comeptitve advantage in 2019 is based on how much customer data you have and how you are using it. We sometimes spend more time guessing what our audiences want rather than studying the data. When we pay attention to the data we are able to learn new things about our users that otherwise, we would have never known. In this session, you’ll learn about Google Analytics. We’ll study how we can start to collect some data about our users and how we can leverage off that data to serve our users even better.

User Experience

Design lies everywhere and in everything we do. From the roads we use to the clothes we wear. The field of digital marketing relies heavily also on design. The question we ask ourselves is, how can we use design to improve the experience of the user. In this lesson, we get to appreciate how user experience can give our businesses a differentiation above our competitors. Creating a well-designed app or website which offers a wonderful user experience should be the primary goal before concentrating efforts on marketing.


Barbara Jebet

Content Marketing

Barbara Jebet is a story architect who began her foray into the business of language and storytelling by studying Communication Arts in Xavier University, Ohio. Four years later, the love of the Chinese language drew her to pursue her Masters in International Communications in Taiwan, where she also interned at a Radio Taiwan International (RTI). Back in Kenya, her career began b writing stories for brands such as KCB, later narrowing down to smaller corporates and SMEs, like Zene Naturals, Sweetunda, Dawit Insurance and Digital For Africa.

Francis Waithaka

CEO and Founder of Digital For Africa LTD.

Francis Waithaka is a former Digital Marketing faculty member at ADMI and trains entrepreneurs at Centonomy. He’s worked as a consultant at Kenya’s largest bank – KCB where he trained staff on digital customer experience and social media marketing. He’s passionate about experience design, content marketing, and data analytics. When not at work, Francis does aerobatics, traveling, and cheering his favorite football team – Chelsea FC.

Brian Wamiori

Software Engineer, UX, Web Design, Business Intelligence & Strategy

Making beautiful products that resonate with users is Brian’s passion. He’s passionate about user experience design and believes that web and mobile applications should be functional, easy to use and meet customer needs. Brian is all rounded in digital media and software development. He started his career practising Graphic design. Then he built upon his skills by becoming a computer scientist. He is the perfect sum of art and technology.

Sam K Mwangi

Founder – Socialmeds Digital Limited

Sam is the founder of Socialmeds Digital Ltd and has experience spanning 4 years in the Digital Marketing Space specializing in Social Media Strategy, Social Media Content, Digital Strategy for online marketing and setting of simple but key campaign objectives that can be used to track and measure performance. He has executed marketing campaigns of notable brands in Kenya such as Taxify, #ThanksMum by KimFay East Africa and New Life Home Trust

Who has come to the Masterclass

This masterclass is practical and the course instructors will use a step by step approach to show you how to navigate the online space.



Financial Institutions



We've trained close to 1000 companies from a wide variety of industries. Every business regardless of size needs to market it's products or services. At this time and age, digital has proven to be the defactor way of marketing with the best RIO. Our digital marketing masterclass is created to benefit all types of companies regardless of the size.

What Others Say

This masterclass is practical and the course instructors will use a step by step approach to show you how to navigate the online space.

“I enjoyed the sessions. Will need follow up just to grasp some of the concepots that were a bit complex (no marketing background). The free sites will be quite helpful in running and monitoring our various platforms and aid in conducting our online campaigns (analytics). Looking forward to enjoying more with your organization.”
Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)

“I enjoyed the sessions. Will need follow up just to grasp some of the concepots that were a bit complex (no marketing background). The free sites will be quite helpful in running and monitoring our various platforms and aid in conducting our online campaigns (analytics). Looking forward to enjoying more with your organization.”
Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)

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Please expect communication within one business hour. Our business hours are between Monday and Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are closed on weekends and holidays.

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