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Brian Wamiori

Co-founder and Tech Lead at Digital 4 Africa

He’s a technology solutions developer with the mind of a designer and entrepreneur. He is among the best web designers in East Africa.

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Studied Computer Science at the South Eastern Kenya University
He is certified by Google, Adobe, Facebook, HubSpot & Odoo as a solutions provider

Meet Brian Wamiori

Brian Wamiori studies computer science but the business world has morphed him into something more. He understands the intersection of business and technology and how the two come into play to create value for businesses.Β  Brian started his career as a graphic designer before joining the university. He later graduated and went full blast into the technology world.

He is the Co-founder of Digital 4 Africa and a director at Mogaya Contractors. He co-founded Digital 4 Africa with Francis Wiathaka. They met at KCB where they worked as consultants. Brian is also a former faculty member at ADMI in the Software Engineering Department.

His key focus has been on building solutions that help businesses generate more sales and offer a wonderful user experience. He has built countless solutions both for both mobile and web focusing on functionality and design. His passion has always revolved around making beautiful products. He began his career in technology by consulting for Kocela. He designed the KCB app that went on to win multiple awards globally.

Bringing his design mind into software development has been one of his greatest strengths. Combining that with functionality, user needs and an understanding of marketing has always given him the upper hand in anything he touches. You can reach out to Brian by writing to him (

He loves numbers πŸ“ˆ

Brian has a soft spot in his heart for data and analytics. He loves to crunch numbers and extract insights.

He is a polymath πŸ€“

His colleague, Francis Waithaka, says he has never seen anyone with such a wide array of multi-disciplinary skills. From software engineering to design to business.

He loves his whisky neat πŸ₯ƒ

His idea of relaxing is a glass of Glenmorangie, laying back on a reclined chair, and some Netflix  😎. But sometimes he likes to jump out of an airplane skydiving or rafting through the waters of the Sagana River.

He wears the same thing daily πŸ‘•

Most people would find it awkward that he wears only black t-shirts and blue jeans but who’s judging.

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Brian's Expertise

A cokctail of multi disciplinary skills wrapped into a brilliant charming young man

Strategy Development & Execution for Business

At Digital 4 Africa, Brian has interacted with numerous companies and gained valuable lessons. He takes the lessons he has learned and pours them into the strategies he develops. He also gains insights from books, research items and other educational sources. Most businesses want to get it right. They want to grow and they want to remain sustainable. Brian is known for challenging businesses to become better and punch above their weight with a solid strategy.

Jays Wines

He not only developed the new Jays Wines website and branding but also influenced the company’s overall strategy. His guidance led to new revenue streams and a better customer experience. He also consults for Jays on tools for automation and business analysis.

Dawit Insurance

Brian introduced to Dawit insurance the power of documenting systems and processes. He helped Dawit develop customer journeys for their products and design assets that are to be sued throughout these journies. He also improved the current Dawit website to help them rank better.

Training for Higher Education, Businesses & Professionals

One of Brian’s strengths is communication. His communication skills have been sharpened by the need to create copy both for the websites he develops and for social media. This has helped him understand how human beings learn. His approach to training is to demystify complex topics and to use as many examples and case studies as possible.

For Higher Education

Brian has taught advanced courses in software engineering, web design, graphic design and other topics in technology. His business background helps him approach his academic teaching in a different way. He makes his courses be as relevant as possible with current market demands and needs.

For Businesses and Professionals

A key question businesses ask themselves during training si can we apply this content to our specific scenario. Most businesses and professionals ask themselves if the thing they are learning can push them forward or make them better performers. Brian keeps this in mind in his training.

Proficiency in using technology tools such as Adobe CC suite

Brian started playing with computers after clearing high school. He soon discovered that almost all modern professions rely on computers to do their work. He asked himself, which tools does he need to learn to gain an upper hand in college and beyond. By the time he was joining the university he was proficient in graphic design. He has taught himself Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and by that time he was earning from the skill. He was later introduced to Dreamweaver and started making his first website with it.

Graphic Design & Video Editing

Brian has explored tools from so many industries. he’s played around with CAD tools that engineers and architects use. He’s played around with spreadsheets and learned some advanced skills. He has even taught himself how to use video editing tools such as Final Cut Pro. He is proficient in graphic design tools i.e. Illustrator and Photoshop. Currently, he’s teaching himself tools for 3D modeling and 3D printing.

Software Engineering

Brian loves technology. He always feels as if he has a lot to learn but when you sit with him is when you learn that he’s got some content and experience in technology development. He knows that customer don’t buy technology, they buy solutions and he approaches his development with a problem-solving attitude.

Web design with a difference. He's among the best in East Africa

One thing that Brian noticed early in his career was that when a business says they want a website they mean they want a tool that can help them generate sales. Some of the web development projects Brian has taken up have been repeat projects. Meaning he was the second, the third of the fourth developer who was working on the project after the client got frustrated with the current developer. He approaches web design with a simple goal. Make great design and make great content. He’s always emphasized on communication inside websites. He teaches some of the lessons he’s learned building websites in the Digital 4 Africa Digital Marketing Masterclass.

UX Design

Brian is advantaged to understand both UX design and software engineering. He goes well beyond being a full-stack developer. He’s what you’d term as being a design-minded developer. He understands how software architecture should be approached but also know how users want to navigate an app or website. He’s combination of skills has always given him an upper hand in the industry.

Corporate Web Design

Brian currently develops websites for corporates among other things. He borrows lessons from other areas and applies them to his web design projects. He oversees all the website projects at Digital 4 Africa and has built quite a number of them himself from start to finish.

Creative direction in campaign execution & product development

Marketing succeeds only where creativity thrives. Brian has always challenged his clients to think outside the box when executing campaigns. Marketing is not just about pouring money into an ad but also carefully thinking through the creative direction. What can we do to capture people’s attention? How can we make our interaction with customers memorable? Also while developing mobile and web apps, he asks himself what can cause stickiness on this app? How can we make users return again and again and how can we make them enjoy their experience while using the app?

Haco Industries

How would you introduce a new product to the market? Where do you start? It’s very likely that most products introduced to any markets already have competition. You’ll need to be extra smart in how you approach the introduction.Β  Haivng the resources is an added antange but strategy and execution is the most important aspect. Brian contributed to the launch of Palmers in Kenya through our client HACO industries.

Jays Wines

The best way to differentiate your business today is by offering an outstanding customer experience. Most businesses have many competitors in the market. Jays Wines was no different. What would make someone buy a bottle of wine from Jays Wines and they can get the same product elsewhere? Answering such questions is where his expertise comes to play.

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. And in everything you do, play by the rules, but be ferocious."

Brian wamiori the former artist

Brian used to draw back in the day. But he retired his pen for his computer. The lion king is one of his favourite pieces.

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