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Brian Wamiori

Brian Wamiori is a computer scientist with over 10 years experience in the digital space. He started his career as a graphic designer/videographer and slowly morphed into a software developer. He is the Co-founder of Digital 4 Africa and a director at Mogaya Contractors. He is also a faculty member at ADMI in the Software Engineering Department.

His key focus has been on building Apps for both mobile and web that have great user experience and that are functional. His passion has always revolved around making beautiful products. Back in 2014 while consulting for Kocela, he designed the KCB app that went on to win multiple awards globally. Bringing his design mind into software development has been one of the greatest strengths for him. Combining that with functionality, user needs and an understanding of marketing has always given him the upper hand in anything he touches. You can reach out to Brian by writing to him (