The Digital 4 Africa Team

A charming group with a common goal complimenting each other's strengths.

We are a charming group of like-minded individuals with a common goal, complementing each other’s strengths. We believe in hiring not just the best talent but also finding people who match our values. Here is the team.

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

We achieve more as a team

The diversity of our skills. Our vast experience in technological and business in Kenya is what sets us apart

We don’t think of ourselves as a family but as a championship team. We come together for a common goal and in turn impact, each other’s individual lives.  Here is the Digital 4 Africa team.

Digital 4 Africa Leadership

The diversity of our skills. Our vast experience in digital marketing in Kenya is what sets us apart

Francis Waithaka

Founder and CEO Digital 4 Africa

He is the founder and CEO of Digital For Africa Ltd. He has over 22 years of experience in technology and digital marketing.

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Brian Wamiori

Co-founder & Head of Technology

Brian is the co-founder and head of technology at Digital 4 Africa. He has built a multitude of technology solutions for various industries.

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Anita Mwashi

Community Manager

Anita is our community manager at Digital 4 Africa. She has extensive experience in sales and customer service.

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Caleb Mwenga

Caleb Mwenga

Content Strategist

Caleb is our content strategist at Digital 4 Africa. He is a prolific writer with extensive experience in various web copy formats.

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