The Team

A charming group with a common goal complimenting each others strengths.

One hell of a team

Combine the best in digital marketing, the best in software development, the best in communication and the best in copywriting and you have us. We are here to serve you.

Sigrid Muga
Project Manager

Sigrid Muga is a Project Manager at Digital 4 Africa LTD and is a self-motivated person who is strong in PR and Communications

Francis Waithaka
Team Leader & Growth Hacker

Francis is an experienced Digital Strategist, Founder, and CEO of Digital For Africa Ltd. He has fifteen years’ experience in digital media.

Brian Wamiori
Mobile & Web Developer

Brian has worked in the web, mobile and design industries. He is passionate about making simple useful apps. He also Lectures Computer Science.

Benson Kwingara
Web Developer

Benson is a team player who is passionate about IT and motivated to add value to all projects that he works on and has 6 years experience in Telecommunication systems, Database administration and Safaricom Sdp messaging systems.

Joy Kositany
COmmunity Manager

Joy Kositany is a community manager who has worked with brands such as Kenya Bankers Association, PTS Africa and Digital 4 Africa and is passionate about content creation for brands on social media

Barbra Jebet
Branding Expert, Content Writer

Barbara Jebet is a story architect in the business of language and story telling . She enjoys telling captivating brand stories for SMEs like some of which she has done for Zene Naturals, Sweetunda, Dawit Insurance and Digital For Africa<br />

Ken Gaitho
Graphic Designer

Ken is a graphic designer with a keen eye for design and all things visual. He is passionate about creating work that is visually appealing,communicates the intended message and can leave an impact/emotion on the target audience.