How Kenyan entrepreneurs can grow their business with digital marketing

By Sylvia Mukami

This one is for the entrepreneurs; the ones who would rather run their own business than enjoy the comforts of a conventional 8-5 salaried job. You have decided to roll with the punches, enjoying the rewards and bearing the risks that come with it.

You are probably an innovator, bringing ideas to life and constantly looking for different processes to do successful business. In the digital economy, you have to constantly improve and keep your eyes on the ground on the latest trends.

One of the most significant shifts in the business landscape in recent times has been in marketing. Today, people share content and information faster than before which makes it pertinent for entrepreneurs to embrace tech.

Traditional marketing, though still widely used is slowly being phased out by search engine marketing, mobile apps, social media and pay per click advertising and businesses must integrate digital marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Unlike digital marketing, traditional marketing is awareness based and allows the seller only 10-20% influence over the buying process. Things have since changed.


As more people get access to the internet, digital marketing becomes more important for marketers. Since it’s highly data driven, you need to understand your customer and their needs so that you can create strategies that solve their problems.


Today, marketers can influence about 60% of the purchasing decision by giving their target customers relevant information that solves their problems. It also allows you to be present at the consideration stage of your buyer’s journey when the customer is making perceptions about your product and deciding on whether to buy it.

Social media is also a great avenue for providing top notch customer care, nurturing leads, receiving feedback on your products and services and engaging your customers through relevant content.

Did you know that Kenya has over 38 million active mobile users who can access the web from anywhere at any time of day or night? Little wonder that online platforms in different sectors like banking, ecommerce and restaurants are increasingly popular. They provide convenience that our sedentary lifestyle demands. Need dinner? Hello Food will solve that for you. Too busy to go to the bank or ATM? Online banking is a click away.  Did shops close before you could buy your friend’s birthday gift? You can ‘add to cart’ at any time of day or night with Jumia, Kilimall, Vituzote and many more.

The good thing about digital marketing is that even businesses with a really low budget can reach their target customers and get desired outcomes for their campaigns. It is also measurable unlike above the line marketing, and you can constantly improve you marketing efforts through the data that you acquire.

So where do you start? Create a professional website. This will give you credibility and enable your customers to find information about your business when they do an online search. If you don’t have one, your prospective customers will turn to your competitors who have an online presence. Use social media platforms to create your brand presence and to promote your products and services.

You can go a step farther by setting up Google Ads. However, if you’re not careful, a lot of your money could go down the drain before you see a significant ROI. That is why you must enlist the services of a professional digital strategist who will tailor make your marketing campaigns to suit your business needs.


Digital 4 Africa has been supporting SME’s for over two years now, creating mobile apps, websites, content and digital marketing strategies that deliver desired ROI. They also offer training and consultancy in digital marketing and advertising.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to embrace tech and have no money to waste on unproven marketing strategies, get a digital marketing and advertising agency that’s got your back. Start doing marketing right, get in touch.

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