Why Google Ads Platform is the biggest Ad tech in the world. 


Without a doubt, Google Ads work well for high-intent users. Indeed, according to a Google study, ads on the search engine resulted in a 50% higher click-through rate than other digital marketing channels across all industries. This is because when someone searches for something specific, they are more likely to click on an ad that appears to be relevant to their search.

And, given that 89 percent of online shoppers begin their product searches with Google, investing in Google Ads makes sense if you want your business to be successful online. You will not only reach more potential customers, but you will also be able to target them based on what they already want. This means you can direct your advertising dollars to people who are most likely to buy from you, rather than wasting money on ads that no one sees or responds to

Types of Google Ads

1) Display Ads

Banners that appear on publisher websites and YouTube. 

2) Search Ads

Plain text ads that have high transaction Intent. 

3) YouTube Ads

Video ads that appear on YouTube and other Google partner sites.

4) Shopping Ads

Allows you to buy products on eCommerce websites. You need products and  Google Merchant Account to run Shopping Ads.

5) Google Performance Max

Google Ads Performance Max is an excellent tool for optimizing the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. You can use this tool to set specific goals for each campaign and see how they compare to one another. It can also help you quickly identify which campaigns require additional attention and adjust your budget accordingly. There are some disadvantages to using Google Ads Performance Max. First, when goal-based bidding is used, it can be difficult to determine how much budget should be allocated to each campaign. Second, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to overspend on ads that aren’t performing as well as you’d like. Overall, I believe Google Ads Performance Max is a useful tool for optimizing the performance of your Google Ad campaigns.

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