The Internet Is The Greatest Multiplier Of Opportunity Ever Invented.

Why The Internet is the greatest multiplier of opportunity ever invented.

  • It removes barriers and levels the playing field.
  • It increases access and helps you to scale.
  • Smart investors are creating wealth on the Internet.
  • Why shouldn’t you?

Here are things you can do on the Internet.

  1. Create content for a particular audience and build a community around it. Look for brands who want to reach that audience and charge them for promoting their product.
  2. Create some free educational content for a particular audience. Charge them for some exclusive high-quality content
  3. Look for products that are a lot of people want but can’t find it. Sell the products online.
  4. Identify a service that people want, but competitors take so long to deliver. Provide the service for a shorter period. Say hours or days instead of weeks and months.


By Francis Waithaka. – CEO and Lead Trainer, Digital 4 Africa. Has 21 years of experience in IT and Digital Marketing.

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