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Why The Internet Is The Greatest Multiplier Of Opportunity Ever Invented.

The Internet is the greatest multiplier of opportunity ever invented.

It removes barriers and levels the playing field.

It increases access and helps you to scale.

Smart investors are creating wealth on the Internet.

Why shouldn’t you?

Here are things you can do on the Internet.

  1. Create content for a particular audience and build a community around it. Look for companies that want to reach that audience and charge them for promoting their product. for example, Jalas TV on Youtube.
  2. Create some free educational content for a particular audience. Charge them for some exclusive high-quality content. For example, the Digital4Africa Masterclass
  3. Look for products that a lot of people want but can’t find it. Sell the products online. For example, JaysWines.
  4. Identify a service that people want, but competitors take so long to deliver. Provide the service for a shorter period. Say hours or days instead of weeks and months. You can charge 50% more for delivering the service faster.
  5. Connect people who would otherwise never meet and charge them for it.
  6. You can also look for local companies that have great technology solutions and invest in them.
  7. Find out the most sought-after documents locally and create templates that you can charge people when they download. For example. lawyerwangu

The Internet provides great opportunities for learning, connecting, entertaining, selling, and creating wealth.

By Francis Waithaka, Founder, Digital4Africa