Inuka entrepreneur marketplace

Inuka entrepreneur marketplace: Are you looking to get more visibility for your business? Here’s a free marketplace

Inuka entrepreneur marketplace: Are you looking to get more visibility for your business? Here’s a free marketplace

When starting a business, there usually isn’t much to go on. Only an idea, a passion and some starting capital.

Research shows that most small businesses in Kenya collapse before their 5th birthday. You can be sure that the primary reason for most business failure is their inability to profitably attract and retain customers.

Here are just but a few reasons why your startup is failing at attracting new customers;

The digital marketing landscape is changing. When digital marketing and specifically social media started, it was a sigh of relief for most small businesses. It levelled the playground for both small and big businesses.

However, due to its ever-changing nature, social media platforms are now driven by algorithms that decide which content users can see. This has resulted in a massive decline in organic reach and a heavy prioritization of paid promotion.

Lack of marketing skills. Are you aware of the best way to market your business? Being able to make iterative changes to your marketing strategy will help in case of any changes in social media algorithms. If marketing is not your specialty,  you may not know your audience yet. A fluid campaign will help you test the waters and provide meaningful content that your audience can relate with.

There are many free resources that can help you learn how to grow your business. A very good example is the Inuka Enterprise Program by the Kenya Bankers Association. This program is a free e-learning portal with training material on all business topics such as financial management, marketing, entrepreneurship, human capital management, and supply chain management.

Lack of awareness. Are you at the forefront of your customers’ minds? You may be having some presence in search engines. If you are interested in brand recognition and driving users to your website every day, you may want to consider advertising and search engine optimization

You realize that this needs a budget that you stick to. A cheaper and more convenient way to improve your SEO is through content marketing and by listing your business on as many online marketplaces and listings as possible. 

There is one particularly efficient marketplace that was introduced for the micro, small and medium enterprises in Kenya; The Inuka Entrepreneurs Marketplace. It is a free marketplace where businesses get to market their business once they complete the Inuka training program.

Getting listed on Inuka entrepreneur marketplace adds an element of trust and credibility to your business and places your business in front of shoppers that don’t know about you yet. Are you wondering how you can join the Inuka Entrepreneurs Marketplace?

  1. Enrol for the Inuka training program.
  2. Complete any of the seven modules.
  3. Send your request for your business to be listed on Inuka entrepreneur marketplace for free. Use:

Key Features of Inuka Entrepreneur Marketplace:

  1.  Access to Funding Securing funding is often one of the biggest hurdles for small businesses. Inuka Entrepreneur Marketplace simplifies this process by connecting entrepreneurs with potential investors, grant opportunities, and crowdfunding options. With a streamlined application process and personalized support, you can find the financial resources needed to bring your business ideas to life.
  2. Mentorship and Training Success in business often comes from learning from those who have walked the path before you. Inuka Entrepreneur Marketplace offers access to a network of experienced mentors who provide valuable insights, advice, and guidance. Additionally, the platform hosts regular training sessions, workshops, and webinars covering various aspects of entrepreneurship, from business planning to digital marketing.
  3.  Marketing and Promotional Tools In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial. Inuka Entrepreneur Marketplace provides a suite of marketing tools to help you promote your business effectively. From social media management and email marketing to SEO optimization and content creation, you’ll have everything you need to reach your target audience and grow your brand.
  4. Networking Opportunities Building a successful business is not just about what you know, but also who you know. Inuka Entrepreneur Marketplace facilitates networking by connecting you with other entrepreneurs, industry experts, and potential partners. Participate in virtual events, join interest-based groups, and collaborate on projects to expand your professional network and open new doors for your business.
  5.  Marketplace for Goods and Services Inuka Entrepreneur Marketplace features a vibrant marketplace where you can showcase and sell your products or services. With a user-friendly interface and secure payment options, it’s easier than ever to reach customers and generate sales. Plus, you can take advantage of Inuka Entrepreneur Marketplace promotional campaigns to boost visibility and attract more buyers.

Another reason why your business may not be attracting or retaining customers is poor customer experience. People go online to look for help and to share their experience.  It means you have to be available when customers are looking for you on social media platforms. Always remember that people trust what other people say more than they trust what you say/advertise. You have to be responsive to customer queries and make their experience with your business a delightful one.


By Joy Kositany

Social Media Manager, Digital4Africa

Digital For Africa

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