How to Target IOS 14 Users with Custom Audiences on Facebook

As we all know, IOS 14 is out and people are updating their phones like crazy! If you’re not one of those people who have already updated to IOS 14, then you’re probably wondering what new features it has to offer. Well, in this blog post, we’ll be discussing how you can use Custom Audiences on Facebook to target users who have updated to IOS 14.

First things first – what are Custom Audiences? Essentially, they are audiences that you create yourself using data from your own customer files or website traffic. You can then use this data to target ads specifically at these groups of people on Facebook. And with the release of IOS 14, there’s never been a better time than now to start using Custom Audiences!

There are a few different ways that you can create custom audiences for targeting users who have updated to IOS 14:

1) Upload your customer list:

This is probably the most common way of creating a custom audience. All you need is a list of email addresses or phone numbers (Facebook will match them up with user IDs) and voilà -you’ve created an audience!

2) Use Facebook Pixel:

If you already have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website, then congratulations -you can use it as part of your custom audience! All you need to do is export the pixel data into a CSV file and upload it into Facebook. Then Facebook will match up user IDs with website visitors based on their activity (eg., which pages they visited).

3) Create an audience from page engagement:

This method involves tracking specific actions that users take on your page (eg., clicking “Like” or “Share”) and creating an audience based off those actions. Then, once again, Facebook will match up user IDs with individuals who took those specific actions.

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