Business Intelligence For Better Sales Performance

Double Your Sales Revenue In 12 Months Through The Power Of Data And Analytics

If you are selling products online, there’s a lot of customer data from your sales system and social media platforms that we can use to target customers who are likely to buy. We use business intelligence approaches to identify the gaps and opportunities in your sales and marketing strategy. Using the insights derived from that process, we help you streamline the customer experience and optimize operations.

How We Do It

How Can a Data-driven Strategy Grow Your Business?

Did you know that data is among the biggest asset in your organization? Every day, you interact with customers on various channels; website, SMS, accounting software, CRM, Email, social media or office productivity tools. These tools collect lots of data which when analyzed can unlock opportunities by making the life of the customer better and growing your sales.

This service is for organizations that want to scale. If you’re an organization that is in need of growth hacking expertise to help you grow, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Approach

We combine three essential elements to create the best results

To understand why your business is not exploiting the potential in your data, we take an auditing approach to get deeper insights into your data management processes. We focus on the people, the process, the tools to ensure your business makes profits.


Data Collection
We identify opportunities in your organization for collecting data.
Data Analysis
We analyse the data to fetch useful insights and opportunities for growth.


Tools Review
We audit your current tools to acertain how they can be used more effectively.
Tools Recommendations
We identify and recommend and other tools that might improve your organization's efficiency.

Systems & Processes

Systems & Processes Review
We study your current systems to identify areas of improvement.
Systems & Processes Development
Where systems don't exist, we help you develop them, document them and implement them.

Our Process

A well-thought-out and scientific porcess for optimal results to move your organization forward

1. Diagnosis & Requirement Analysis

The first step is to dive deep into the challenges of your business and identity the root problems limiting growth. We do this through a series of interviews, observation sessions, and using data from current tools.

2. Strategy Development & Implementation

At this stage, we develop a well-thought-out strategy carrying lessons from our diagnosis and requirement analysis. The strategy is taken through a feedback loop with the client before implementation can commence.

3. Measurement, Tracking & Reporting

The final stage is to analyze the performance of the strategy and ensure we’re always on track. Based on insights we get during tracking we can further improve the strategy.

"Business Intelligence is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can take the right decisions.”

Benefits Of Better Data Processes

Better Experience

A better customer experience translating to customer loyalty

Increased Sales

Increased sales translating to increased revenue and growth


Data can give you insights for new revenue streams and much more 

Higher efficiency ratios

Your organization brings forth a better ROI for investors and shareholders

Case Study: Jays Wines

How can you emerge victorious in a business saturated with competitors?

The liquor business in Kenya is among the most saturated with multiple liquor merchants distributed around the country. If you add bars and hotels to the list the options for customers even become bigger. You can’t walk more than 200 meters in some Nairobi estates without seeing a Wines and Spirits shop. How can you differentiate yourself in a market filled with homogenous products and multiple merchants?

After some diagnosis, we provided growth-hacking solutions to Jays Wines that not only looked into sales and marketing strategies but also incorporated operational and technology recommendations. Jays Wines consults with Digital 4 Africa on a monthly retainer basis. Visit out clients page to read more about our portfolio.

How We Measure

Our Goal is...


We believe customers want faster execution


Our team has a wealth of experience serving non-profits, banks, technology companies and retail brands


We believe the process is the innovation. We use technology tools to solve problems and bring efficiency.

Focus Areas

UX Design, Web Design, Training, Data Analytics, CRMs.

“Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not the only, source of competitive advantage.”

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