UX/UI Research and Design in Africa

Discover the seemless approach to take with UX/UI in shaping Africa's digital future and gain valuable insights into the potential this field holds

Welcome to the comprehensive report on UX/UI Research and Design in Africa. This report is your key to understanding the dynamic landscape of UX/UI in Africa, tailored for UX/UI researchers and designers.

Getting Started in UX/UI Research and Design

Explore why UX/UI research and design are pivotal in the African context, driving innovation and user-centered solutions.

Getting started on UX/UI Research and Design can be as easy as identifying the best approach. This is greatly controlled by factors such as your target consumer audience for the product, the size of your research and design field, and many more. Based on the report’s analysis, there’s no better way to collect data than to get it directly from the source. Below are options you can swiftly look into:

  1. Research Studies
  2. Usability Tests
  3. Individual Interviews

You can determine what best works for you as a UX/UI researcher and designer; however, we believe that usability tests will best capture your target needs.

Get Started With Any Of These Methods

Dive into a plethora of UX/UI research and design methodologies and understand their applications.

Research Studies

Data Collection
You can start by formulating your research questions, then design them into objective studies that can actively involve your selected participants into providing actionable information that you will collect using appropriate methods and then jump into analyzing the data using statistical or qualitative techniques
Data Analysis
Your final phase will be interpreting your findings and report your results through research papers or publications.

Usability Tests

Active Observation
Usability tests best capture your user’s experience needs because its a method that involves an active observation of how a user interacts with a product. During usability tests, researchers will define experience objectives, create test scenarios and tasks and then find participants who are a representation of the researchers target audience.
The researcher’s main duty is to observe these interactions and collect data that he will use to form his findings and conclusions.

Individual Interviews

Invaluable Feedback
The quickest way to get information and especially feedback on how a user’s experience with a product was is by carrying out a one-on-one interview. Interviews call upon participants’ perspectives, experiences and even attitudes that other methods are not able to reveal.
Target Fresh Perspectives
While your keen to recruit participants who are part of your target audience, target the ones that have had little to no interaction with the product. You are safer dealing with a crowd that is interacting with the product for a very first time.

Tools You Can Use

Explore the essential tools that power the creativity and efficiency of UX/UI professionals.


If you’re looking for a seamless organization that accommodates different methodologies, all coming in with a structured approach, then Notion is your best choice for a tool. Its flexible organization features enable researchers to structure and arrange their materials to suit their needs. Check out the link to find out more: (https://www.notion.so/)

Google Docs

Google Docs also plays an effective role as an effective tool for researching subjects like user experience. Research Documentation, Collaborative writing, Version Control, and history are just a tip of what this tool offers. Check out the link to find out more: (https://docs.google.com)

Google Form

For UX/UI, Google Forms is the most frequently used tool for research. Accessibility and Ease of Use, Customization Options, and Cost and Availability are some of the unbeatable attributes Google Forms holds. Check out this video and learn how to use Google Forms to create and design your online research questions: (https://youtu.be/BkLSXP5HxZY)

"The foundation of UX/UI research and design is empathy for the users. Take the time to understand their needs, goals, and behaviors."

How Researchers And Designers Master The Craft

Below are some of the most reliable ways that UX/UI Researchers and Designers have used to sharpened their talents.
School In Africa
School Abroad
Online Courses
On The Job

UX/UI Research and Design Earnings and Industry Comparisons

Compare earning potential and job opportunities across different African countries.

Sustainability is one of the main reasons why we put efforts and commitment to the occupations we hold. Does UX/UI pay enough to maintain a sustainable financial state? 37%  of practitioners earn an average of $500 while 27% earn an average of between $500 – $1000? Multiply, add, and subtract a few numbers and you get approximately Kshs. 140,000 on the higher side. The Salary range  is strongly correlated to one’s experience meaning, the more experience you have, the higher you earn.

Uncover the statistics revealing the income potential of UX/UI professionals in Africa

  • Greater Than $3000
  • $1000 - $3000
  • $500 - $1000

Impact Of Design Communities

There is so much you can achieve through a group of like-minded people. Here are a few UX/UI communities you can join
Graphic Design Forum

GDF stands out for its many resources for aspiring and seasoned designers. You’ll find many different categories on their website, from web design and typography to motion graphics and photography.


Sitepoint is a rich resource that covers design systems and style guides and also has forums for internet marketing, hosting, coding, content creation, and more. Basically, it’s a one-stop shop for web developers and designers.

Design Buddies

Design Buddies is a highly active design community that uses the Discord platform. Established in April 2020, it’s relatively new compared to Sitepoint and Graphic Design Forum.

"UX/UI research and design is a lifelong learning journey. You must keep learning new techniques, tools, and methodologies as you stay curious to explore new ideas, and seek opportunities for professional development."

The Impact Of UX Research

Why Conduct UX Research?

The sweetest fruit is the one reaped from the labour of your work. As a UX/UI, your greatest joy should come from the positive feedback that users give after interacting with your products. The relief they get from easily maneuvering through an interface and quickly achieving their goals is a feeling worth committing efforts for.

Product Designer Nigeria

“I enjoy the sense of ownership(in my job). I get to understand the goals of the product. I also understand the implications of my output and how it impacts the user experience.” 

Do You Have A Research Champion?

Especially in an organization environment, you need someone in your corner

When it matters most, everyone fights for what they hold dear. As a UX/UI researcher or designer, building productive networks and relationships with those above you is crucial. They will advocate for your work and prioritize UX/UI research and design, even when you’re not present. They can also secure the resources you need. So, I ask: “Do you have a UX/UI Research and Design Champion?”

Involve Your Stakeholders

Enhance Engagement and Actionable Insights

As a UX/UI researcher, it is your primary goal to generate knowledge and insights that inform decision-making and drive positive change. By involving a good number of your stakeholders and taking a further step to engage them on grounds that resonate with them in the research process, you create opportunities for them to actively participate, contribute their perspectives, and gain firsthand exposure to the research methodology and findings. 

Your qualitative insights are good for reports but the target audience better understands numbers that invoke action for them. 

"User Experience is an undeniable spectrum in today's growing technology-driven world. As the horizon of technology expands, so does the demand for seamless user experiences. To bring about the desired change in Africa's UX/UI products, you and I are soldiers at the front line!"

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