SEO & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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We improve the ranking of websites in search engine results so that your marketing campaign can generate more leads and retain more customers.


How we do it

  • We start by conducting an audit of your website and that of your competitors
  • We use Google SEO Tools to identify keywords that people are searching for when looking for your business or products.
  • We identify broken links on your website and fix them by re-creating them and building better 404 pages.  We fix all dead links.
  • We analyze content on your website (with our own tools) to understand what kind of content your potential customers are looking for.
  • We identify and use relevant keywords and optimize them in the body, title, images, videos and meta descriptions
  • We also create content that your target audience cares. Optimization without content is like a car without an engine.
  • We also build quality backlinks that increase your page rankings.

Want to rank top on Search engine results?  Call us now to get a quotation  0722361147

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