Web & Mobile Apps

We design responsive websites and Mobile Apps that are easy to use and meet customer needs. Kenya and Africa at large is a mobile-first and even in some places, mobile-only market. 70-80% of Kenyans access the Internet via mobile only – they have no access to the desktop or the mobile device is much more convenient for browsing and interacting.


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We are here for you to make your business grow. With our ideas and experience, we’ll help you get to your goal.

Data-Driven Marketing 

How well do you know your customer? Competitive advantage in the world of business is based on how much customer data you have, and what you’re able to do with it.  We do marketing right by identifying and filling all the gaps in your digital marketing strategy. We audit how your company interacts with your customers across all touchpoints to help you understand your customers better, personalize experiences and maximize sales. Read More

The Team

We are made up of a team of skilled software engineers, content writers, UX designers and data scientists with an accumulative experience of 30 years. Our team is obsessed with customer centricity and driven by data.