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Reports have shown that customers find businesses that have automation to be more efficient and caring towards their needs. However, most businesses in Africa have not been equipped with tools to aid in business processes. We have found that most solution created from the western world either don't achieve business needs or are too expensive to acquire/maintain.
This realisation led us to create custom web solutions for businesses in Africa. From software that helps businesses manage inventory and sales to software that help businesses analyse performance. With our experience of modern techniques and a balanced team of business strategist, software engineers and designer, we believe we can help your business be more efficient and enhance your customer experience.

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The Web App Development Team

For the success of your app, you'll need an Android mobile developer, iOS mobile developer, graphic designer, user experience expert, copywriter, analytics expert and a business strategist.

Brian Wamiori

Director In Charge Of Technology

Brian is in charge of the technology team at Digital 4 Africa. He’s a full stack software engineer who started as a graphic designer. He is the team member with the broadest experience. He understands software development, multimedia(video editing and photography) and UX design. He is also a trainer of digital marketing and a lecturer of computer science. His focus is on making your website concentrate on your visitors’ needs. He addresses topics he’s passionate about on LinkedIn.

Francis Waithaka

Business Strategy & Marketing

Francis is the team lead at Digital 4 Africa. He has years of expereince in the Digital Space coming across all categories of business. He has the ability to think with you how you should approach the digital ecosystem from a strategic point of view. He is passionate about small businesses and wants to help them digitize thier processes and become more efficient. He adresses wuite a number of these challenges on Twitter.

Nicholas Kimuli

Software Engineer

Nick is our go to guy for building any customization and backend funtionality for your app. He has experence in Javascript, Swift, Java and Node.js. He is tasked with building the backend and server-side fuctionality for your app. He also builds the protal for your app.

Michael Kamau

Software Engineer

Michael is another team member who is proficient with UX design and mobile app development. He has strong web development skills as well having been a Vue.js developer for many years. Having come from a graphic design background, he has the ability to combile the best of design and mobile development.

Alvin Otieno

Web & Mobile Developer

Alvin is the type of guy who can build a website literally from scratch using nothing but PHP and Javascript. His focus is on visualizing data, mobile platforms and APIs.

Jeff Wanyama

Graphic Design & UX Design

Jeff is the guy that visualises your app and creates the mockups. His exeptional skills in design make his work speak for itself.

Sigrid Muga

Project Management

Sigrid is our project manager at Digital 4 Africa. She is the contact person between the company and the cleint. She manages all aspect of communication and handles all requests by cleints. Her warm personality and focus on fast execution make clients know they can count on us.

Collins Kiprono

Web Designer

Collins simply understands how software should be styled. He’s keen on the approach taken during website development. He is not only talented in creating software development but connects the business aspect of an app and design. He has years of experience in CSS development. He also has graphic design skills which are crucial for software development.

Fiona Waithira


How you express yourself online is very important. Fiona helps the users of your website understand what you do and she puts it in a compelling but easy to digest way. She can wirte long form conent for your website and help you with SEO.

Jackie Nakhabi


Jackie also writes copy for your website. She specialises in doing copy with the fewest words but paying attention to your website users and their needs.

Studies have shown that employees enabled with effective technology are happier and serve customers better

The Process from Idea to Complete Product

For the success of your app, we take the following four processes;

1. UX Design & Prototyping

Design is at the heart of what we do. during this process, we carefully analyse the users needs to create mockups and prototypes of what the final web app design will look like.

2. Development

In this process the dvelopers get down and dirty to create the app’s guts. The development process follows to the letter the findings and output of the prototype.

3. Testing

Testing is a key process to ensure standards are met and the app functions as required. Testing ensures the app follows recommended security protocal. Optimization for better functionality is also done.

4. Deployment

Deployment and distribution ensure the app is placed in respective app stores in a well thought out manner to aid in the app being found. We do some in-store optimization to give your web app discovery & track user interaction

Modern Development Approaches

Under the hood, an app has much more going on that what we see or interact with. In our software development processes, we make sure what is unseen also meets the highest standards of quality and follows the industry's recommended practices. From the choice of programming languages to the architecture.

After the web app is built, support and maintenance is offered.

Why Are We Different?

We recognize the difference between knowing something about web development and truly mastering it

We pay attention to UX design

We pay attention to your business needs

We are keen on security

We are keen on functionality & metrics

Cloud Solutions

We use services like AWS EC2, DigitalOcean, Heroku, and Microsoft Azure to host the backend of web and mobile applications that we build. We choose cloud solutions based on your product specifics and business needs.

Programming Frameworks

There are three key criteria we use to decide on a framework: 1) ability to handle and solve common problems; 2) speed of development; and 3) adaptability with emerging technologies. We specialize in Javascript framworks such as VueJs, NodeJs, ReactJs just to name a few. We also use Kotlin or Java and their repsecitve frameworks in some cases.


One key feature that we add to our Web Apps is the ability to integrate with other crucial systems. These systems include your payment provider, your website, your accounting system, analytics and business intelligence systems among others. Should your web app have a special need in regards to integration, worry not, we got you covered.

Good design is about giving attention rather than demanding attention

Recent App Development Projects

Building apps focusing entirely on the user. A showcase of apps developed for both iOS and Android platforms.

Focus Glass & Aluminium - Inventory Management

Focus Glass and Aluminium Limited is among the largest distributors of aluminium products such as doors, windows, office partitions just to name a few. They handle several container loads of inventory every month. For the owner of the business, the greatest challenge was keeping track of inventory and not knowing what left in stock. The owner had tried several options but there wasn’t anything in the market that met the specific business needs. She wanted something that could keep track of even the pieces that were cut and how many were remaining. We designed a solution that met her specific needs. She is able to view inventory in real-time and get notified in the event a product needs restocking. She is able to collect payment via MPesa and have them reflected in the system. She can also see the performance of her business at any time. By product and also employee wise. During construction expos and exhibitions she can sell products with only a tablet/computer and an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a web app and a mobile app?

A web app is different from a mobile app in the sense that you use a browser to interact with a web app. An example would be a dashboard such a Google Analytics or your favourite social platforms such as Twitter.

How much time does it take to build a web app?

Complete web app development takes about four months. It’s mostly subject to the feature set and scope of the project. You’ll have the privilege of seeing a complete mockup of your app within three weeks. The mockups help you visualise your project beforehand. For web apps that have a mobile component, the web usually acts as the primary source of all assets.

How much does it cost to build a web app?

Our rates start from Kes. 350,000. Price is dependent on the features for your web app and whether the web app has a mobile component.

Do you build web apps that integrate payment?

Sure. It’s among our strongholds. We can integrate your mobile app with MPesa payments, Card payments and any other requested mode of payment.

What are your payment steps?

We require a 60% deposit of the contract value at the time of starting the project. The balance shall be paid per contract terms.

Are there hidden costs with Web design services?

No. We discuss your website requirements and price accordingly. Once you have placed your order with us, we will adhere to our quoted price.

Will my web app be secure?

Sure! Other than the standard procedures we take against malicious attacks, we also take measures to protect your data from misuse, loss or manipulation.

Can you Integrate my web app with other tools?

Yes. However, the possibilities may be subject to what tools are in question.

How will we maintain your web app?

How to maintain your app is usually agreed upon in the terms of the contract. If you have the internal capacity we train your staff to maintain your app. Otherwise, we take up the task of maintaining your app.

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We're happy to schedule a Free 5 Minute Consultation with you to discuss your app project. You can reach us on +254743830663 or via email at hello@digital4africa.com

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