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Data-Driven Marketing

Competitive advantage in business today is based on how much customer data you have, and what you’re able to do with it (get insights and make smart decisions).

Understanding your customer in a granular way enables you to spend money only on customers who are likely to buy from you and you can target them where they are. With our data-driven approach to advertising, you get more return on investment on your marketing spend than advertising based on intuition, or just using demographic or geographic data. To help us understand your customers better and serve them with relevant advertising, we take time to collect and analyze customer data – contact data, transactional data, demographic data, geolocation data and social data (behavior and preference). We do micro-targeting that ensures your ads are served only to people who should see them and who are likely to buy your products. With our data-driven media buying strategy, you’re guaranteed that you’ll get a higher return on your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing.

  • Deep knowledge of customer behavior thereby creating more monetization opportunities (cross-selling, upselling, remarketing)
  • Deliver personalized experiences and make the customer feel awesome
  • Customer satisfaction leads to high retention rate
  • When the user interface is easy to use, you get more leads and a high conversion rate.
  • When you design better products, you get more sales and revenue
  • Operational efficiency leading to more profit and lower customer acquisition costs
  • Predictive analytics enables proactive business decisions, financial forecasting and better planning.

We have a strong team of experienced media buyers who have done lead generation campaigns for top brands in East Africa including ADMI, KCB and Virtual HR Kenya.

Target customers who are likely to buy. Convince and convert those who don’t know that you exist. Get 10 times more return on investment on your marketing spend. Get in touch with us now. Call 0722361147.