Our Clients

We serve a number of SME's, both in Kenya and beyond. Our clients come from different industries.

Case Studies

Kenya Bankers Association

The social media marketing campaign for KBA was to create awareness and drive signups for the Inuka SME program.


As at the end of 2018 1,144 people had signed up and 28 people have completed the program.

The Impact:

Increase in conversions

In a period of two months the client was able to double the intake. The CRM helped in tracking the performance of each social media channel and the sales team.   

HACO Industries


HACO Industries wanted to drive awareness and increase sales for Palmer’s products in Kenya. The client is the sole licensed distributor of Palmer’s in Kenya.

The Solution:

Using social media influencers, media buying and user generated content, Digital For Africa ran the campaign on Instagram and Facebook using the hash tag: #ChooseWhatsReal

The Impact:

Increase in conversations through user generated content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More brand awareness and demand for Palmer’s products in Kenya.

Our Clients

We are trusted by top brands in different industries.