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6 Tips On How to Build Trust With Customers Online

6 Tips On How to Build Trust With Customers Online

If you are trying to sell a product online, don’t assume that people will believe what you say. People won’t just buy your product because you have posted it on Facebook or Instagram.  People are generally very mean with their money and their time.  Instead of focusing on promoting your product, consider focusing on appealing to human emotions. If you want to win hearts and minds, remember people decide based on emotional reasons and not rational reasons. People will ask, how will this benefit me? Why should I buy from you? Why should I trust you? Here are ideas on how you can sell while focusing on human psychology.

1) Social Proof

Show what you have done. Share testimonials of your happy customers. Ask existing customers to say what they think about your product. Remember that videos and photos are more impactful than just plain text.

2) Get Customer Reviews

9 out of 10 people say they trust what a customer says about a business more than what that business says about itself and 95% of people say that reviews – whether positive or negative – influence their purchasing decisions. Google My Business Reviews are great. Share a link and ask customers to review you.

3) Create How-to Articles and Videos

Create educational content about your service or product explaining how it benefits a customer or how it works. Did you know that the most popular videos on youtube are about ‘how-to’?

If you are selling a car, the more information you provide about its features the better.

4) Promptly Respond to customer queries and complaints

Respond to inquiries and complaints transparently, explaining what customers are asking. 96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, which tallies with the 94% of video marketers who say that video has helped increase their customers’ understanding of their products or services.

5) Showcase your credentials

Showcase any awards or certifications that show you are certified and what you are selling is genuine. For real estate companies, a title deed is perfect for persuading buyers that your property is credible. For consumer products like foods or drinks, a mark of quality from the authorities can go a long way in persuading customers.


6) Tell human stories of your team or management.

People connect with real human stories of employees in a company. Showcase photos and tell stories of employees working. Human stories are relatable and believable. For a training school, profiles of teachers, lecturers, and other technical staff are essential in building trust.

The main takeaway is this: give your potential customers a compelling reason why they should trust you.

By Francis Waithaka – Founder and CEO Digital 4 Africa