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A Skills Gap In Digital Marketing In Kenya Also Provides An Opportunity For Growth.

We Have A Skills Gap In Digital Marketing In Kenya Which Is Also An Opportunity For Growth.

As someone who has been in the online marketing field for 10 years now, here is what I have learned.
There are more job opportunities in digital marketing than skilled talent available in the market.  There is not a single day that goes without me getting a request from a company looking for an experienced person in digital marketing. 

As more businesses move online, Digital Marketing will be a career with so much potential for creating jobs. We need to train, mentor and support more people to meet this huge demand.


Top skills in Digital Marketing.

1) Setting Ads on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter
2) Web Design and development. Understanding of technical SEO is on demand
3) Videography – using a drone is now required
4) Photography: Editing and captioning is a must
5) Social Media account management – Developing a strategy and using tools such as Google Analytics, Canva or Photoshop is a must.
6) A Diploma or Degree in Sales and Marketing is preferred.
7) Excellent writing skills. Understanding SEO is now a must.
8 ) Software development. This is our biggest gap in Kenya as developers are not committed. There exists a huge misalignment between coding skills and incentives.


9) Data Analytics and Reporting. Analyzing customer data with relevant tools and coming up with meaningful visualizations and the correct interpretation.
I have learned that the best way to impart digital skills to our people is by providing practical training where students learn by doing. We must also embed them in companies where they can gain experience and be supported by mentors.
When it comes to online marketing in Kenya, the challenge is not the absence of work to do but in people’s ability to execute a project and deliver results.
Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Let me know.
By Francis Waithaka – Founder and CEO Digital 4 Africa